Arnie and Jane: Busy and Pressed For Time

Arnie and Jane are typical of many busy two-career couples today. The demands of Arnie’s career as a marketing consultant are endless. With clients on the West Coast, Arnie finds that he often spends evenings on conference calls or finishing up proposals. Jane’s freelance work as the travel editor for a local magazine is exciting, but often takes her away from their family of four kids. There’s little time for Arnie and Jane to handle daily financial details, let alone connect with each other. The weekends are important family time, which they often spend at their mountain home.

How can they find the time to do this?  Jane and Arnie know the secret to maintaining their sanity. They ask for help! The services offered by Financial Order give them the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a trusted professional is paying bills, monitoring for fraud, tracking spending and tax deductions, and handling other tedious details, like negotiating with the water company after a recent pipe leak and sky high water bill. Do you know someone who could use a helping hand?

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These case studies are for illustration only. If the individuals or situations described sound familiar, it is purely coincidental.

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