Fred: Maintaining Independence

The kids kept telling their dad Fred to get help. He knew they were right. He looked longingly at the golf course behind his house as he tried to keep up with the paperwork. His bank and credit card company were pressuring him to do everything online, but he really didn’t have the motivation or confidence to delve into that at this stage of his life. Still, after years of paying his own bills, managing two rental properties, and monitoring his own investments, it would be so hard for Fred to let go. He was afraid of losing his independence. Sure, the kids were willing to help, but he wasn’t sure he was ready to let his grown kids see it all.

Then a friend mentioned Financial Order. She told Fred how we helped her maintain her independence, and what a huge relief it is, knowing that an impartial third party is confidentially handling the day-to-day details. We came in and automated Fred’s records. Then we started giving him monthly personal spending reports for his personal expenses and rental properties, and Fred felt the burden lift. The day may come when Fred needs more assistance from his family, but for Fred, Financial Order is the step between. Could Financial Order be the answer for you?

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These case studies are for illustration only. If the individuals or situations described sound familiar, it is purely coincidental.

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