Get Peace of Mind and Your Weekends Back

  • Do you put off paying bills and watch unopened mail pile up?
  • Are you suddenly on your own after years of relying on a spouse or partner to manage the finances?
  • Does your financial planner want to see a budget showing how you spend your hard-earned money?
  • Is April 15th the most stressful day of your year?

If you answered “yes” to any of these...

Working with a Certified Daily Money Manager (CDMM®) can be your best-kept secret. We excel at managing your day-to-day finances, bringing order to your financial affairs, and giving you the peace of mind and free time you deserve.

We work with you confidentially to

  • Track your expenses for budgeting and tax preparation using personal financial software.
  • Handle your daily banking, bill paying, and financial correspondence, or teach you to do it online yourself using the most efficient methods.
  • Keep your financial records current so you’ll be ready for meetings with your financial planner and CPA.
  • Manage your service contracts, subscriptions, and other time-sensitive obligations.

We work with people like you. Read about how our services help

  • Sally, unexpectedly on her own when her husband has a stroke
  • Fred, a retiree who wants help but values his independence
  • Arnie and Jane, a busy couple who want more family time

With Financial Order, you’re free to travel, focus on your family and business, or just relax and enjoy your weekends!

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