Sally: On Her Own and Learning To Take Charge

For years, Sally asked George to let her handle the bills and be more involved in their financial decisions. It wasn’t that he minded Sally having a hand in the family finances, but George was busy and kept putting it off. Besides, he prided himself on being a good provider so Sally didn’t have to worry about the details. When George had a stroke and Sally suddenly found herself widowed, she felt overwhelmed. She was lucky to have a team that included a financial planner, CPA, and estate attorney, but as the executor and now the head of her household, Sally wanted to feel in control.

Luckily, her financial planner had the answer. A referral to Financial Order brought experienced support so that Sally could manage all the tasks that come with being in charge and could understand the decisions she needed to make. With our assistance, Sally learned to pay her bills online, make sound decisions regarding the vacation home in a neighboring state, and feel confident that she understood her new estate plan. There are lots of Sallys--are you one of them?

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These case studies are for illustration only. If the individuals or situations described sound familiar, it is purely coincidental.

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